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Корректировка одометров ENIGMA DASH + IMMO


ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for diagnosis and repair of electronic systems, mostly of automobiles. This is our main product. A durable, compact construction was designed using the newest technologies and the product is professional, simple to use and of high functionality. The device is of a small size, powered by 12 V and stand-alone, so it can be freely used outdoors.

Based on our own research and work, the operation of our device completely avoids so called "scanning", making it free of the commonly repeated errors that are present in other products of this type.

ENIGMA differs from other products in its high quality software and reliability. It can also be updated from the Internet. We also offer a convenient mode of operation. Our tester can be used by persons who do not have any special knowledge in the field of electronics or computer science, and its straightforward menu makes it unnecessary to study thick manuals.


Diagnosis of the electronic modules in automobiles and resetting the errors

Change of km counter readings and repair of the counters

Repair of airbag sensors

Flashing engine computers through the diagnostic connector (DIAG TUNING)

Unblocking TV tuners to work while driving

Programming eeprom memory

Programming micro controllers

Programming RFID chipsets

Technical data:

Power required: +12V

Tester connectors: power +12V, system DB25, clip DB9, USB, ANT TAG, OBD2, DB15

8 input/output lines

2 interfaces CAN-BUS

2 transceivers 82C250

2 transceivers TJA1054

2 interfaces K-LINE

Interface CCD-BUS

Interface BDLC (J1850)

Interface SPI (master slave)

Serial port


Integrated reader for transponders PCF7991

Integrated reader for transponders TEXAS INSTRUMENTS

Analog input port

Integrated multiplexer OBD2

+12V output controlled with an electronic relay

Adjustable +1.2 V ... 5.5V output controlled by an electronic relay

Very easy to read, color graphical display 320x240 5.7"

10 MB flash memory

4 MB flash memory for user's files

Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed

Control by touch-pad panel

Wide tolerance of work temperature

Adjustable contrast.